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Reusable Hanging Fly Net Catcher

Reusable Hanging Fly Net Catcher

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Durable ranch fly trap. Our new outdoor fly trap is made of high quality, thick iron wire gauze, matched with the environmentally friendly plastic bowl. It can be hung, folded and reused, durable.

Working principle: Flies can hardly tell where they are and are only attracted by food, our fly traps attract flies by using the bait in the bait tray. Flies will fly up into the hole of the trap and get stuck. Then flies will die due to dehydration and hunger.

Effective to use. Hang 1 meter from the ground. During spring season, hang in places with plenty of sunshine; during summer, hang in dark places. This fly catcher depends on how attractive your bait is.

Safe outdoor fly traps. This hanging ranch fly trap is non-toxic with no insecticides, no chemicals included and harmless. Environmentally and pet friendly.

How to use: We recommend to use bait that flies like, such as fish intestines, rotten fruit and other smelly foods.



Material: Iron, mesh, plastic
Color: Green
Size: 24 cm length x 40 cm height / 9.4 x 15.7 inch
Includes: 1 pc fly trap, 1 pc bait bowl


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